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The village of Lairg lies at the eastern end of Loch Shin. It is very much the hub of Sutherland's road network, with roads from all four points of the compass converging on the village. This makes it an ideal base for a touring holiday of Sutherland. There is also a railway station a mile or so to the south of the village.

Lairg is a popular centre for tourists and the surrounding area offers much for the outdoor enthusiast with forest walks, mountain bike trails and plenty of opportunities for angling. The area also boasts many archaeological sites and the Ferrycroft Countryside Centre on the banks of the loch features a display about the prehistoric settlements and remains as well as offering the more usual tourist information.

There are a number of guest houses and bed & breakfasts in the village and there is also plenty of self-catering accommodation available, including a caravan and campsite. There is also a post office, bank and a good number of shops within the village.

Running northwest from Lairg for a distance of 17 miles is Loch Shin, the largest loch in Sutherland. It varies between half a mile and one and a half miles wide and is a reservoir for the Shin Hydro-Electric Scheme. You can read more about the scheme on this page.

Meanwhile, running south from the loch is the River Shin and on its course, a few miles south of the village, you will find one of the best known tourist attractions in the area - the salmon leap at the Falls of Shin. You can read more about the falls on this page.

Lairg is also famous for its lamb sales, held at the end of August every year. Farmers from all over the country come to sell their livestock and it remains one of the largest sheep sales in Europe, despite the recent downturn that farming has faced.

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