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  Monument to Sir John A Macdonald

Just to the west of Pittentrail, signposted off the main road to Lairg is a cairn to the memory of Sir John Alexander Macdonald, first Prime Minister of Canada.

He was born on January 11th 1815 in Glasgow. His father was a merchant in the city but following a downturn in fortunes the family emigrated to Canada in 1820. There they found prosperity and John was well educated. He became a lawyer in 1834 and built up his own successful practice. He moved into politics in 1843 with his election to the legislature of the Province of Canada. He rose up the political ladder and eventually, in 1867, he became the first Prime Minister of the Dominion of Canada.

He served two terms as Prime Minister, the first from July 1867 until November 1873 and from October 1878 until June 1891. He is the second longest serving Canadian Prime Minister and is remembered for his role in helping to forge the Canadian nation from its colonial origins. He died in Ottawa on the 6th of June 1891.

The memorial cairn in Rogart is built on the site of the home of Sir John's grandparents, John and Jean Macdonald. Both families came from Rogart and although Sir John was born in Glasgow, the parish is proud of its connections to him.

The cairn was constructed using stones from the original family home. It was unveiled on the 13th of July 1968 by the thirteenth Prime Minister of Canada, the Right Honourable John Diefenbaker.

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