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  Smoo Cave

At the eastern end of Durness lies Smoo Cave, one of the most dramatic tourist attractions in the area. There is a car park beside the main road and paths and steps lead down to the cave.

Set into the limestone cliffs at the head of a narrow sea inlet, Smoo Cave boasts one of the largest entrances of any sea cave in Britain. The mouth of the cave is 50 feet (15 metres) high and leads to the first chamber which is 200 feet (60 metres) long and 130 feet (40 metres) wide.

A small covered footbridge gives access to the smaller second chamber. In here the river Allt Smoo pours through a hole in the cave roof 80 feet (25 metres) above and thunders down into a deep pool. You can also see the waterfall from an observation point from the paths on the cliffs above the cave.

It is sometimes possible to access a third chamber within the cave although this requires a short boat trip across the pool in front of the waterfall.

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