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  Falls of Shin

The River Shin flows from Loch Shin at Lairg, through Achany Glen for a distance of around six miles, until it reaches the Kyle of Sutherland just to the north of Bonar Bridge. About half way along its course lie the Falls of Shin. Not a particularly high waterfall, it is instead famous as a salmon leap.

Every year throughout the summer the salmon return from the open sea to spawn. These fish have swum up the Dornoch Firth and the Kyle of Sutherland to return to the river that they themselves were spawned in. However in order to get to the spawning grounds in the upper reaches of the River Shin they have to pass the raging torrent of water at the falls. Using their powerful tails they leap against the current, often jumping completely clear of the water. Some make it first time and are able to continue their journey while others have to try and try again.

There are viewing platforms beside the falls where tourists gather to watch this spectacle and gasp in amazement as fish of all sizes battle against the water. While the fish face the most difficult task in trying to clear the falls to finish their long journey visitors face the challenge of trying to photograph that fleeting moment when a large salmon leaps completely clear of the water!

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